Tyler Giles

Sing The Sad Ones


"A living diary in three-quarter time..."

is how Tyler's music has been described.  With respect to his influences, Tyler's music draws heavily on his experiences from years of traveling and countless hours at the edge of the bar.  Tyler tells the stories he knows the best; from lost time and money, love won and love lost to the sort of fun that seems to keep pace with only the road-worn, his songs speak for themselves as the living diary of one benighted songwriter.

After years of touring as a pedal steel guitarist with several bands including Porter Union, The Harmed Brothers, Dusty Rust, The Brothers Roberson, Urban Pioneers, and many others, Tyler sought to take his own songs on the road.  Releasing his first EP, Time Don't Heal, Tyler has been regularly performing throughout the country from Cincinnati, OH to Portland, OR.